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Weight Transfer

Weight TransferYour golf swing is based upon the laws of motion and the science of nature. Simply stated, it's physics. Terms such as linear motion, dynamic weight transfer, certrifugal and cetripetal forces are all a part of your golf swing. Dynamic WEIGHT TRANSFER is a combination of rotation and a side-to-side shifting within the golf swing.

Weight Transfer is the foundation to the dynamics found in your golf swing that produces additional power and enhances accuracy. You could play golf with your feet together, but if you want more distance and acuuracy, your feet need to be spread apart to accommodate weight tranference.

State of the art analysis: K-VEST ™

K-VESTK-VEST ™ is the newest generation of professional-level swing analysis and training systems. It integrates state-of-the-art wireless technology with software to give you the most advanced wireless instructional system on the market. K-VEST ™, combines advanced wireless technology with KINESYNC ™, a software application that allows you to capture the motion of a player's swing, visually and graphically analyze the motion, and then train the player using real-time biofeedback to improve the swing.


PuttingPutting is very individual in may aspects. There are many methods and styles of great putters, some set-up with open feet, others stand closed. Just look at the many different putters for sale on the market today, they accommodate the player for different preferences in putting styles. These rules are what determine long term success in putting